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E5740 Tandberg MPEG2 SD Encoder L-Band Out

E5740 Tandberg MPEG2 SD Encoder L-Band Out
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Tandberg Voyager E5740 MPEG2 SD Encoder DSNG,

L-Band Out

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Broadcasters and satellite news gathering organizations are covering more live events,
sports and news spots than ever before and need reliable technology that will make
it easier and more efficient to deliver video from the field. TANDBERG Television’s
E5740 Voyager encoder is a versatile 2RU MPEG-2 platform that delivers remarkable
performance and is trusted by the majority of news gathering organizations for its
high-quality encoding and easy upgrade path to MPEG-4 AVC and HD.
The E5740 is a smart choice for broadcasters seeking increased efficiencies in
operations to stay competitive. With multiple HD upgrade options to quickly add
either MPEG-2 HD or MPEG-4 SD/HD, the E5740 offers impressive and unprecedented
upgradeability. A DVB-S2 capable modulator comes as standard enabling customers
to benefit from the 35% increase in transmission efficiency that this typically provides
over DVB-S. Other performance and feature enhancing upgrades are also available
including a powerful MPEG multiplexing card (REMUX) to add MCPC capability and a '
data card that works with an internal IRD option to provide bi-directional support for
IP data and telephony. The E5740 achieves all of this performance whilst remaining
exceptionally easy-to-use and with multiple control options.


Flexible Options for Serving a Wide Range of Customer Needs
The E5740 is an extremely flexible, high-end encoder/modulator that
can be upgraded to provide HD encoding, allowing both improved
bandwidth efficiencies and best quality. It features best-in-class
MPEG-2 SD encoding in 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 profiles. The E5740 has four
free option card slots for upgrades and adding features.
Extensive Communications Capabilities
DSNG trucks need to be real communications centers with scalable
options. The E5740 offers bi-directional support for IP data and
telephony. The ability to add communication solutions through card
options provides real functional, as well as cost-saving benefits.
Unrivalled Manufacturers Support News gathering organizations
cannot afford to have their truck down for any reason. Should it be
necessary to return a unit for upgrade or service, TANDBERG Television
has a unique advance loan scheme with ready-to-ship spares always
in stock to keep customers on-air. The E5714 platform comes
with a standard two-year warranty that together with the advance
loan scheme offers unrivalled support. DVB-S2 Capability Provides
Major Bandwidth Savings DVB-S2 offers up to a 35% improvement
in transmission efficiencies compared to DVB-S. DVB-S2 is a
modem technology so the benefits are in addition to savings offered
by TANDBERG Television’s premium encoding technology.
The E5740 L-band and IF models come with a DVB-S2 capable
modulator as standard which can be activated via licence key to
enable its advanced features.

DENG Capability

The E5740 can be used for DENG (Terrestrial Microwave)
applications either with or without the internal DVB-S2 modulator. The
COFDM modulator option card therefore makes the E5740 a dual
purpose DSNG/DENG transmitter.
• Voyager E5740 L-BAND DSNG (M2/VOY/E5740-LBAND)
• Voyager E5740 IF DSNG (M2/VOY/E5740-IF)
The E5740 provides premium MPEG-2 SD encoding, coupled with an
advanced DVB-S2 modulator. It also offers unmatched potential for
customization and upgrade. Featuring 4 option slots, the E5740 can
be expanded to provide up to 8 stereo audios. Other possibilities
include an internal IRD card, MPEG-2 HD encoder, MPEG-4 AVC HD/
SD encoder and an internal multiplexer card. RAS and BISS can be
added without occupying option card slots.
Note: The DVB-S / S2 modulator provides either an L-band output or
70 MHz IF output. The correct card must be specified at time of


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